Digitalized to make it
easier and more available

Billalo’s Supply Side Platform is the solution to seamlessly manage and sell any kind of out of home inventory: static billboards, transit, special units in sport fields, shopping malls and many others.

All in one web app, available 24/7 by anyone who wants to advertise its business.


Zero investment needed, maximum results and limitless scalability. With Billalo’s SSP you get the power of an out of home professional software with the flexibility of a cloud one. Get access your data anywhere anytime.


Sell online your OOH inventory has never been so easy! With Billalo you can sell your out of home advertising units to anyone. Why dealing only with the usual clients when you can get many more with just few clicks?


Billalo empowers out of home advertising campaigns with meaningful data. Check at a glimpse which are the best-selling units, the most valuable customers and many other useful insights to take your business to the next level.

How it works

Upload your OOH inventory in a matter of clicks

Get started in minutes with our wizard. Billalo’s SSP geolocalizes every OOH unit and attributes a specific visibility index based on the unit’s physical features and position.

Set & Sync OOH units’ availability

Billalo manages autonomously every unit’s availability.

Just set it once and get automatic updates every time any unit is booked through the platform.

Manage all your OOH units from one place

Check tax payments, availability, maintenance and performance for every out of home advertising unit, from one easy interface. You will also be able to set “pricing rules” to promote and sell better your ooh units.

Getting orders will be a pleasure

Once you upload your OOH inventory, every unit becomes available to anyone is planning campaigns on Billalo: Media agencies, SMBs, enterprises nationwide.

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Save time and forget unsold Out Of Home units!

Billalo is the digital assistant to boost your operations and sales!

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